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Could you be a better leader?

Most CEOs are dedicated to their business, are top-performers, and strive for success. Because most professionals spend more hours with their work associates than they do with family and friends, being a good leader is important. Leadership assessment can help organizational leadership members recognize the social and structural aspects of their system and can support them in taking responsibility for improving the structure that exists. An interplay of dynamics, we each impact our work system, but few of us have the ability to reflect on ourselves with objectivity. Due to power difference and the desire to be seen as competent and unflawed, genuine conversations about personality and work environments are rare. So, how do leaders measure their quality of leadership in order to know if they are being as effective as possible?


Improve the health of corporations by improving leader effectiveness.


Our goal is to collect data regarding the CEO and each member of the leadership team. We use this data to provide critical feedback to the Leadership Team and CEO to improve the overall health and effectiveness of the company.

Information is analyzed and presented in an aggregate report to protect the confidentiality of the raters. Data gathered are also compared to relevant norm groups. We use this information to identify areas for growth and to coach leadership teams in specific ways they can improve for greater productivity and success.

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